Merino Knitting Wool Australia is today one of the most versatile, resilient fibres known to human. Its benefits are wide ranging and can be applied in a whole number of ways. From traveling the world to everyday wear, Merino wool will revolutionize the way you dress and experience the world.

For over 3000 years humans have been herding sheep and harvesting their wool. Back in the day's wool fibres were coarse and great for keeping warm but the downside then was it was itchy bulky and far from stylish. As humans evolved and advanced with technology the way we grow, and nurture sheep changed. What differentiates Merino wool fibre from other types of wool is that it’s sourced from a very different breed of sheep than traditional sheep. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep and today most Merino sheep are raised and bred in Australia and New Zealand. Our changing and extreme climate is the perfect place for Merinos.

The secret to Merino wool clothing is not changing or altering its fibres, simply leaving Merino wool as mother nature already figured out. They take the natural properties from the Merino sheep wool and spin in into a stylish line of colours that we use to make our everyday essentials like, sweaters, cardigans and coats.

In Australia and New Zealand there are about 70 million Merino sheep producing this amazing fiber all year round, raised on a simple diet of grass pasture. Each year, the Merino sheep produce a brand-new fleece making this natural harvest of wool completely renewable and sustainable. 

The Benefits of Merino Wool

  • Lightweight and super soft
  • Manages moisture
  • It's breathable
  • Antibacterial
  • Odour resistant
  • Organic and biodegradable 
  • Resistant to wrinkling

How to Care for your merino wool garments

For best results and for your garment to last a long time follow the washing instructions below.

  1. Start by turning them inside out and putting them in your washing machine with a mild detergent.
  2. Then, run your washer on a gentle, delicate, or knit cycle, (usually gentle action at 40°C).
  3. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Line / Air dry - preferable flat.
  5. Do not wring to remove excess water.
  6. Do not use bleach.
  7. Do not use fabric softener.
  8. Do not dry clean.
  9. Use a cool iron.


If you follow the above care instructions, your quality merino wool garment should last you a long time.

Enjoy your Australian made sweater.