Aklanda Australia has been designing and producing quality knitwear since 1988. Aklanda has built it's label as one of the most recognised woollen jumper brands in the country because it understands what the market wants and the products are all manufactured in Australia.

Back in 1988 before the world of internet and social media, when Mr Spiro Bafas migrated to Australia from Greece and decided to settle in this beautiful country he was faced with "Ok now I need to find a job, or even better create one. He bought his first knitting machine from a second hand dealer and rented a small space in a friends workshop and started to knit sweaters, the brand "Aklanda" was born.

The business commenced by Mr Bafas employed a handful of staff with one knitting machine which then led to two and five machines as the market had a positive response to his quality knitwear. He then managed to lease his own factory in Coburg, Victoria and started his own manufacturing plant as the customers were coming back for more and more. Quality knitwear was always the way Mr Bafas believed he could build his brand, that he did. By the mid 90's Aklanda Knitwear had landed in a major department store in Australia and was featured in the department store windows in all major cities of Australia. 

This was a moment that Mr Bafas was proud of the brand he had always dreamed of and created. Year after year Aklanda produced a winter range for every season following the fashion trends along with keeping their signature classic designs that form an integral part of Aklanda's collection.

Moving to today as Mr. Bafas' sons had been working by his side for many years and now after his retirement, the brothers now manage and run the business. The Bafas brothers bring a wealth of knowledge into the modern world of trade expanding the businesses reach through social media and ecommerce to provide their quality Melbourne knitwear designers to national and international markets.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. All our garments are made with premium quality 100% Australian merino wool that is bred specifically for the use in fine clothing, that is machine washable. The wool fibres in our garments have been tested to ensure its average fibres diameter is 21.5 micrometers or less.

As one of the current business owner, Mr. Louie Bafas said "Aklanda Knitwear in 2020 will continue to provide quality Australian Made Merino wool sweaters for everyone to enjoy".

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