A step by step guide to wholesale ordering.

Once logged in you will see the below screen, “The Dashboard””

Here you will be able to see your orders, address and account details from the menu on the left.

We recommend that you browse the retail site first and jot down the styles you are interested in as this helps with navigating through the wholesale site.

To start an order click on button “Start Order 


The next screen below will appear.


    There is a menu on the left side simply click on the range you would like to view, and it filters the styles for you. i.e. Men’s Stock Support, Women’s Winter Range 2020

    Here you will see each product, displaying the MSRP (RRP) Price and next to it the PRICE - wholesale price.

    From here simply click on the + shopping cart icon and it will turn green, continue to do this with the styles that you will be ordering.

    Once you are satisfied with the styles you have added to your order you will then need to click on ‘view cart’ button in the top right-hand corner.
    The following screen will appear, and now let you order the different variants, ie: Colour and size.
    Simply add the quantities of size and colour and it will start to collate your order.
    Once you have finished with the variants click on the pencil icon to edit the Purchase details and add a PO# or delivery date.
    IMPORTANT : Add your preferred delivery date in Ship Date.
    Once you are complete - you will need to click on the Checkout button.
    Click on the ‘’Authorise Now” Button and confirm order.
    Its recommended not to Pay now as we would need to confirm order and then add shipping costs or any discounts you may have.
    Order received by us and is also in your dashboard for viewing.
    End of Document